I don’t normally put words in people’s mouths but I do when they ask me to…

How to Build a Marketing Strategy with Confidence

“When you started your business as a wedding planner, you probably thought you’d get to focus on the details of your couples’ weddings most of the time. But, the truth about being a wedding planner (and a business owner) is that there are a million and a half things that you are responsible for in addition to planning weddings. From networking with vendors to managing a long list of administrative tasks, somewhere along the line you need to focus time and effort into putting your business in front of the couples who are going to hire you! So today, we are talking about ways to build a marketing strategy for your wedding planning business with confidence!” | Read the full article on Aisle Planner here.


“As I approach the end of my twenties, the conversation I have been having with myself about saving and investing has changed. I always felt like 30 seemed so far away and that all of that advice to start investing early didn’t apply to me just yet. But, here I am, less than a month away from that milestone birthday, and I feel like I have a fair bit of catching-up to do.

My twenties were a time of constant change and exploration. I made a handful of hard left turns away from the teaching career I grew up thinking I would have. I moved from my childhood home and from my circle of friends to a new city. I finished grad school. I got married. I landed and quit a few jobs. Now I find myself nearing 30 and thinking, “Crap, it’s time for me to start investing!” | Read the full article here.

Setting Up Your Aisle Planner Account: Part Deux

“Whether you are new to the Aisle Planner community or have been with us for a while, there is always something fun an exciting going on! And, over the past 6 months, we’ve released a lot of powerful new features to help you run your wedding business like a well-oiled machine. So today, we wanted to build on our 60 Minutes to Set-up guide with the tips you need to get the most out of your Aisle Planner account!” | Read the full article on Aisle Planner here.


“Being vulnerable feels like a spotlight and requires you to open yourself up to the possibility of being judged. It forces you to lower your shield and expose yourself and being exposed isn’t exactly comfortable or empowering. This narrative isn’t anything new and it’s something that we have all grappled with at one point or another. As millennial women, we have all had moments where we have chosen to go at it alone because we’ve felt we had something to prove – that we are strong, that we are independent, that we can figure shit out for ourselves. But figuring shit out on your own all the time gets old and sometimes you just need help.

So what if the key to strength is allowing yourself to be vulnerable? What if what you were never told was that asking for help didn’t and doesn’t make you weak, but that it gives you strength?” | Read the full article here.

Planning a Family Member’s Wedding

“The life of a wedding planner may be thought of as glamorous but we all know that it can be full of stress. Between managing the 1 million things that running a business requires and managing the 1 million more things that happen during the planning process, it can be a challenge to also take on the emotional work of guiding a couple through it all. And, every once in a while, things get even more interesting – like when you take on planning a family member’s wedding.” | Read the full article on Aisle Planner here.


“You’re the kind of gal whose got a checklist, right? You’ve mapped out your educational goals, your career path, what age you’ll be married and you even have a name for that dog you haven’t adopted yet. You’re used to working through each of the items on your life’s to-do list and checking them off one by one. Things have always happened according to your plan. But, all of the sudden, it became harder to check things off of the list. So you worked harder at it. But that wasn’t enough. So you came up with a different plan of attack. Still, no dice.” | Read the full article here.