As Seen On: She Creates Business Podcast

She Creates Business

I had the absolute pleasure of being interviewed on the She Creates Business podcast the other week! Katherine Oyer (Director of PR at Aisle Planner) and I got to talk about what has quickly become our favorite topic – streamlining systems and business organization. (So nerdy, we know.)

“Look who it is! The incomparable Katherine and Tayler from Aisle Planner. Today’s episode is PACKED…..seriously, my cup runneth over, with pro tips on how to implement systems and efficiencies in your wedding business. These two women are organizational powerhouses and they’re dropping alllll of their best ideas and info on today’s episode. Don’t listen unless you have a pen and notebook……it’s that good! Head to your nearest podcast player to join the conversation!” – She Creates Business Founder, Kinsey  

Listen to the “Creating Systems and Efficiencies in Your Wedding Business” podcast here!