The Importance of Being a Lifelong Learner

It has been a very fast first half of the year and the pace shows no signs of stopping.  But, while I thrive off of having my days oh-so-efficiently tasked with things to do, at least once I year, I clear my calendar a bit and channel some of that energy towards myself. And, more often than not, I choose to learn something.

I’m not just talking about the times that I quite literally learn a new skill (like the holiday season everyone I know got a scarf I had knit myself) but rather, the times I choose to refine or round out existing skills to become better at what I do.

My work has stretched me other the last year as more and more responsibilities have been put on my plate. Working in a start-up environment pretty much forces that on you – and it can eat you alive if you let it. So, as someone who has sought out learning opportunities their entire life, this moment is one of those where working with someone to refine my own skills is refreshing, motivating, and much needed.

So, as a practice this exercise in learning for the 1026th time, I encourage you to do the same. It might sound cheesey but investing in yourself is always worth it.