Branding Your Instagram Feed

If you run a business and are marketing it on Instagram, you have probably heard the phrase “branding your Instagram” more than once. But, what exactly does that mean? Is it slapping your logo across everything? Maintaining a rigid schedule of posting content that all looks the same? Not in my book!

Branding your Instagram account means that it represents your brand as a whole; making sure that if you were to take literal snapshots of it, it would coordinate with your brand board or guide. And, when I work with each of my clients to create and curate content for their Instagram accounts, there are a couple things I keep in mind:

Color: The color palette is one of the easier things to brand. Every brand has a defined color palette so, try and keep your posts consistent with it. It will give your feed the visual consistency you are looking for.

Composition: This one can be a bit harder. But, as you can see from the examples below, To La Lune’s Instagram feed slants more minimalistic than the others and that is because her brand and creative identity are defintely that! Isari’s feed tends to be more lush since it is pretty much all flowers but I shoot all of the arrangments on the same table and background to keep the compostition consistent.

Content: The content that you share says a lot about your brand. It should visually tell people who your customers are, what industry you are in, and something about your product or business. Aisle Planner is a product in the wedding space but one that is geared towards wedding professionals. So, the images that we share need to tell a broader story than To La Lune’s (who is a wedding planner trying to attract couples as clients).

TAYLRD Media and Designs Branding Your Instagram Account

Client Account: Aisle Planner


TAYLRD Media and Designs Branding Your Instagram Account

Client Account: Isari Flower Studio


TAYLRD Media and Designs Branding Your Instagram Account

Client Account: To La Lune

It is generally pretty easy to brand your Instagram feed from my perspective, if you are willing to put some effort into content creation. So, my advice is to take a snapshot of your current feed and ask yourself if there are things you could change about the color, composition, and content that would bring it closer to your brand ideal.

Have questions about how to go about it? Feel free to get in touch!