April was a month full of colorful people, places, and things.

As I start my journey as an entrepreneur, I often daydream about how thankful, lucky and inspired I am. I am continually thankful for all of the inspiration that surrounds me. I am lucky to live in a community of creative and driven people that support small business and artisanal spirit. I am inspired by the so many women (okay, and men) I have met that have started their own adventures and work with a collaborative heart. Here is a look back at some of the color April brought into my life.

Colorful People

I spent a morning with Christy, the owner of To La Lune events. Stay tuned to learn more about this fabulous lady!

My husband and I got to meet the Sanford Shapes crew in action! We were stoked to have seen the team in action making a batch of Bucket Boards and are really excited for them to be a part of an upcoming project!

Colorful Places

Both Kevin Roche and J Grant Brittain curated some amazing pieces for the Artifact show hosted by Culture Brewing Co.

I don’t think I was prepared for how hard moms party on moms-night-out! The Tubby Todd party at Ollie + Me was seriously over the top amounts of fun!

Colorful Things

I hosted a social media workshop for a wonderful group of wedding experts. It was an evening of lively discussion (maybe because of the cocktails from Snake Oil Cocktail Co.) and I am excited to put another on the calendar!

Sanford Shapes

The Sanford Shapes crew! Josh, Don, Carrie, Robbie, and Brett.

TAYLRD Media and Designs

Julie (Rais Case), Tam (Isari Flower Studio), and Tayler at the Tubby Todd party hosted by Ollie + Me.